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British Shorthair-cat
    The British Shorthair is one of the oldest feline breeds. His ancestors came from Rome and were taken by the Romans to a people territory that we all know these days. Within the past, this breed was appreciated for its physical strength and looking skills. However, a people Shorthair shortly became a pet.

    The physical look of Brits Shorthair

    Its imposing and peerless head distinguishes the British Shorthair. He has rounded ears and much, excluding one another. He has large eyes of associate degree great colorize harmony along with his coat.

    His body sturdy|is powerful} and robust and provides it with a stern look. A furry cat, with a dense and soft coat, Brits Shorthair is extraordinarily majestic and extremely lovable. Medium to tall, this hirsute British cat encompasses a dignified and slow pace that ends with a right tail at the start and fine at the tip.

    Although we tend to square measure want to see it grey/blue, it exists in many colors:

    Black white, blue, red, cream, tricolor, chocolate, lilac, greyness, golden blond, cinnamon, and beige.
    We conjointly notice many completely different dresses:

    Tortoise scales, two-tone, white, color purpose, tabby (blotched, mackerel, saw and ticked) still as broken and patterned.
    The shaded could seem, however, a lot of seldom (darker points).

    The character of Brits Shorthair

    If you're trying to find an admiring and sweet cat, Brits Shorthair is for you. He likes to feel favored and is somewhat keen about his masters he wants to follow all over within the house for a similar reason. His cheerful and spontaneous character can doubtless surprise you, he can usually ask for to play and gets on splendidly with dogs and different cats.

    British Shorthair Health

    common diseases within the British Shorthair:

    Polycystic kidney: AN anomaly gift in breeds derived from the Persian breed. This can be a chromosomal mutation.
    Hypertrophic heart disease
    Cat's typhus fever
    Unwellness like cat typhus fever, keep your vaccinum schedule up to now with the assistance of your veterinary surgeon. Bear in mind that notwithstanding your cat doesn't begin on the road, viruses and bacteria will still reach him.

    Care of country Shorthair

    The British Shorthair wants care; however, they're comfortable, not like different breeds, he can appreciate all the eye you'll offer him. Here area unit some tips to form your English cat happy:

    Give him snug and full bed to sleep.
    Food and water should be of top quality as this can directly affect one's happiness, coat, and physical health.
    The amputation of the claws is entirely verboten. To require care of his nails, it'll be enough to chop him from time to time or to possess it done by a veterinary surgeon or a groomer.
    Scratching, toys, brushes area unit the accessories to the happy life of any cat.


    In 1871, the country Shorthair participated for the first time during a competition at the Crystal Palace. He stone-broke all records of recognition, even going to this point on pass the Felis catus.
    During the primary and Second World Wars, country Shorthair virtually disappeared. It had been at this point that the Felis catus was introduced into breeding lines, and this gave birth to an additional strong, rounder British Shorthair with really intense eye color.