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    All cats share behavioral traits that will fascinate feline lovers. However, the domestic cat offers off a great magnificence and functional harmony. It is its friendly and mocking nature. In fact, it's same that the domestic cat still retains its character as a keen kitten and, though it matures psychologically and physiologically, it'll perpetually need attention and tenderness and can forever show a curiosity unsatiable, characteristic that we have a tendency to seldom realize in alternative cats, plus within the adult stage.

    The first domestic cat came from Ethiopia, then from Abyssinia, arrived in the European nation around 1868, and took part in AN exhibition that created him illustrious. Alternative sources claim that he's a descendant of British Bunny, cats from excellent Britain. It had been not till the 20 the century that they cataloged the domestic cat as a political candidate breed of cat.

    Has this breed aroused your curiosity? That is why, during this new breed of PlanèteAnimal, we'll justify everything you would like to understand regarding the domestic cat breed. You may fall in love!

    Characteristics of the domestic cat

    Its physical characteristics cue the U.S. of any low panther, and this genetic choice makes it attainable to develop certain genetic factors. It's a conventionalized and agile cat, proportionate and muscular. He's at a medium height.

    Its head is triangular, and there are two ears with a broad base and open upwards. The curious look of the Abyssinian is sometimes gilded, green, copper, or hazel. The tail is long and bushy.

    The coat of the domestic cat is soft to the bit and glossy since it's beautiful and medium hair. The whole jacket follows a pattern referred to as ticking, dark colors interspersed with lighter bands, and might vary in a very gamma of brown, chocolate, and fireplace shades (hence its alikeness to massive cats).

    The character of the domestic cat

    The Abyssinian encompasses a behavior different from that of alternative cats as a result of it's AN exceptionally fond cat, player, addicted to his guardian and World Health Organization tends to be a tiny low "pot of glue" together with his guardian to raise him for heart and constant care. The character of this cat reminds U.S. heaps of the role a dog may have.

    It is a superb animal with a natural tendency to leap, sniff, and jump around the house. Therefore you may have to be compelled to take some precautions reception.

    Abyssinian cat care

    It is necessary to know that even though it's a cat, the domestic cat needs a minimum of education for associate degree adequate existence with humans. It's a wise cat that will perceive the fundamental ideas. Therefore you'll teach him a way to use the hand tool, the litter, or to focus his physical activity on his toys and not on certain parts of the house (your furnishings you thank). To try all this, you need to use positive reinforcement and be consistent and patient.

    As we tend to saw at the start, the Felis catus features a specific behavior compared to alternative breeds of exotic cats. Therefore it's vital to act daily with him for a protracted time. It's a cat capable of making an extraordinary bond (similar to it offered by our dog friends) with a member of the human family WHO offers him the foremost feeling and a spotlight. If you choose to adopt associate degree Felis catus, you need to grasp that this animal hates loneliness, which it's so necessary that you dedicate time and house to it.

    People who support a feline grasp that these animals area unit characterized by their ultimate independence, which it's so quite common that they're going out on the road in complete freedom. On the opposite hand, the eternal childlike character of the Felis catus makes this animal a feline terribly timid and extremely petrified of strangers. That is why it is essential to stay it within the house and limit its outings the maximum amount as doable.

    Finally, it's necessary to travel frequently to the vet to chop the nails of your Felis catus as a result of the likes to leap and climb, and it will merely degrade your home, even though it isn't the sole reason. Indeed, additionally to his physical skills, his player-character leads the Felis catus to get on our backs and bodies. Therefore, if you are doing not beware of your nails, you will be hurt for some purpose. Similarly, if you are doing not need to waste time with further veterinary visits, you need to check that to produce enough graders to sharpen their nails.

    Abyssinian cat health

    We found few genetic defects, and this false choice competes in their favor. All told cases, and in exceptional circumstances, they'll develop cavity and gingivitis issues, a straightforward drawback to avoid if you're taking care of your oral hygiene daily. They'll even be prone to illness, nephrosis.