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    Origin of Siberian

    The Siberian cat belongs to the class of "forest cats," with the ME coon and therefore the cat of the Norwegian forests, the specimens of this race lived within the bush forests of Russia and Ukraine. It's thought that this breed comes from the cross between domestic cats dropped in Russia and Ukraine and wild cats from the Siberian forests. That is why it is also known as the Siberian Forest Cat.

    This breed appears new provided that no document mentions it before 1871. There was conjointly no official pedigree of this breed till 1987, and therefore the World Cat Federation didn't acknowledge it several years past. The enlargement of this breed so occurred from the 90s. The very fact might explain this that the Soviet regime prohibited the possession of pets, so farmers WHO closely-held Siberian cats did, therefore. I have done it on the QT. However, its origins appear to travel back over one thousand years past. In Russia, they were usual companions of the nobles, being a gift within the most distinguished palaces of imperial Russia. Therefore, it's a part of one in every of the oldest breeds of cats within the world, despite what its official documentation indicates.

    Siberian Characteristics

    Without a doubt, the physical characteristic of the foremost representative Siberian cat is its dense fur composed of 3 layers way more developed than they will be in alternative breeds of cat. This unimaginable fur may be a consequence of the acute temperatures of the Siberian region wherever it had to survive. Therefore, the hair that covers everything is, and it's a touch shorter within the legs and chest, it's but significantly long within the head and belly. He additionally has long hair between his fingers.

    Regarding the color of the coat and also the eyes, all area unit accepted except for chocolate and purple for the skin; As for the eyes, amber and green area group the two most typical colors, and though blue might also seem, it's a lot of rarer. Regardless of the color of their eyes, they're rounded and communicatory.

    Its weight usually varies between four.5 and nine weight unit in males and females, though the latter area unit is forever slightly lighter and customarily weigh four to eight kilos whereas males oscillate entirely one vary placed from five to eleven weight unit. A Siberian can solely reach its final size and weight at the age of four or five years, with its growth being significantly slower than that of alternative cats. Additionally, his hind legs area unit a touch longer than his forelegs, his back is slightly arched.

    Siberian character

    If we tend to speak of the temperament of the Siberian, it ought to be noted that its sociableness and amiableness characterize this race. Though its healthy look is spectacular, it's a fond cat that adapts well to the presence of its congeners similarly as that of canines. The guardians of those cats tend to match their behavior to it of a dog as they sit up for them after they come home and are in constant demand for attention and tenderness.

    However, it's necessary to notice that the Siberian will take a tough time to be kept within the presence of foreigners. Therefore, if you're the happy new guardian of a Siberian, you'll have touch patients at the start as a result of it's potential that it's shown some distant ... however, don't worry as a result of once he can apprehend you he can need to pay hours fiddling with you and can not giving up of quite one sole! Initially, the Siberian is a touch timid by fleeing before any arrival before of your friends World Health Organization visit you however as before long as he has gained confidence he won't hesitate to squat the knees of your friends to evoke hugs.

    Siberian care

    One of the Siberian cares, which will need the foremost attention and dedication are going to be the care of his fur. Given the length of its hair, it's suggested to brush it frequently to avoid knots and also the formation of hairballs. Enforce the belly and chest wherever the coat is hairier. 2/3 brushings per week ought to do.

    The baths square measure another side to require into consideration, it's suggested not to create him take a shower too typically as this could eliminate the layer of protecting grease that enables the isolation and solidity of his fur. Baths too frequent promote the birth of metabolism diseases like feline respiratory disorder; additionally, from the associate aesthetic purpose of reading, his hair would lose its chic. So, we tend to advocate instead to form him take dry baths that, just like the peeling, that is contraindicated for the Siberian for the same reasons because the bathtub, should be done by smart professionals WHO, above all, make sure the health of our cat.

    Siberian Health

    Due to its wild origin, and since they need not been altered by humans, these cats square measure robust, sturdy associated have iron health. Despite this, they will be suffering from diseases common to all or any different breeds, diseases like hypertrophic cardiovascular disease (enlarged left bodily cavity myocardium). Veterinary checks should thus be frequent.

    As with all different cats, attention ought to be paid to the condition of its coat, claws, secretion membranes and teeth to observe and forestall sickness. Likewise, it's necessary to follow your vaccination schedule and de-worm it fitly, continuously monitoring the veterinarian's directions.