Experts rank 44 of the smartest dog breeds on the planet -->

Experts rank 44 of the smartest dog breeds on the planet

    All of us enjoy our pet dogs and think they are the absolute finest.

    But have you ever before wondered if your dog is specifically smart?

    Stanley Coren is a teacher of canine psychology. He, together with help from the American and Dog Kennel clubs, evaluated canine proprietors and asked obedience trial courts for their viewpoints. Then he put together an extensive listing of the smartest pet dog breeds.

    Here is the answer to all your questions:

    44 Dalmatians

    Dalmatians are the only dogs with spots to make it onto the list. They are above average working dogs and are capable of understanding a new command after it has been repeated roughly twenty times.

    43 Norwich terriers

    These little dogs love having something to do, and they go at it with everything they have. They were bred to manage rats, but it was quickly discovered that they were also useful for bigger jobs.

    42 Clumber spaniels

    There superb swimmers are also excellent hunting dogs. They can stealthily hunt prey, giving an advantage to the hunters they are with.

    41 Pharaoh hounds

    These intelligent canines are the national dog of Malta. They are well known for their rabbit-hunting and love being given the task.

    40 English setters

    English setters are also exceptional hunting dogs. They are often used to locate birds and scare them out of hiding. What dog wouldn’t love doing that?

    39 Miniature pinschers

    They make up for their small size with their energy and intelligence. This breed requires mental stimulation to bring out their best side.

    38 Silky terriers

    These agile dogs love to learn, making teaching them a breeze. They are often used as show dogs because of both their appearance and ability to perform.

    37 Affenpinschers

    This breed is adaptable and loves to travel. They were originally bred as working dogs but quickly became a favorite as a pet.

    36 Norwegian elkhounds

    These dogs have honorable roots, being rumored to have begun as big game hunting dogs for Vikings. Today, they are known for their exceptional tracking skills.

    35 Irish setters

    These gentle dogs have taken a role as therapy dogs. However, they still have a skill set that allows them to remain on top in hunting competitions.

    34 Kerry blue terriers

    This breed can do just about anything from herding to police work. They love working and learning.

    33 Cairn terriers

    This dedicated breed will not give up on a task until it is complete. However, they might be better known for their role in movies such as The Wizard of Oz.

    32 American Eskimo dogs

    This is the first dog breed known to walk a tightrope. They can learn just about anything, earning them a role as circus dogs.

    31 Bearded collies

    These herding dogs can be found at many dog shows. They are loved for their abilities as well as their unique look.

    30 Gordon setters

    If you ever thought that dogs stop learning after a certain age, a Gordon setter would quickly prove you wrong. Their skills sharpen as they get older, and they can, indeed, learn new tricks when they are old dogs.

    29 American Staffordshire terriers

    These nanny dogs have an exceptional level of patience for children. As for obedience, they will listen to a command the first time at least seventy percent of the time. That’s not too shabby.

    28 Australian terriers

    This amiable terrier is the first breed to come from Australia. While they do have a level of stubbornness, they still make excellent work dogs.

    27 Newfoundlands

    This breed is extremely loyal and good-natured. However, when danger is present, they also become a great defender and will put themselves between their owners and the threat.

    26 Field spaniels

    Dogs of this breed require physical activity and intellectual stimulation to bring out their best side. Despite being shy, they take to learning quickly.

    25 Samoyeds

    This is one of the world’s oldest breeds. They have a history as sled dogs, but their time with humans goes back much farther than that.

    24 Manchester terriers

    Dogs of this breed are full of energy. They make excellent watchdogs and love to hunt for rabbits.

    33 Welsh springer spaniels

    These modern show dogs do more than just look pretty. They are also tireless hunting dogs.

    22 Briards

    These helpful dogs are often used to protect children and flocks. They have also been used to carry supplies during wars and serve as watchdogs.

    21 Border Terriers

    These terriers have one skill that no others can match – their tunnel digging talent. They are also one of the more well-mannered and calm terriers.
    20 Bouvier des Flandres

    This breed is even-tempered and focused. They are often used as police dogs in parts of Europe.

    19 Airedales

    This is the largest terrier breed. These fearless dogs excel in obedience, protection, and tracking.

    18 Portuguese water dogs

    This breed is often used as therapy and hearing dogs. They are capable of learning complicated commands and can learn those commands fairly quickly.

    17 Giant schnauzers

    This breed is often used as guard dogs. They are highly intelligent, although not always the easiest dogs to work with. You often need to gain their respect before they will listen to you.

    16 Yorkshire terriers

    These confident dogs can do just about anything despite their diminutive size. They are often used as therapy dogs and pets.

    15 Pulis

    These prize sheepherders are intelligent and patient. However, just like intelligent humans, they can become bored with repetition.

    14 Chesapeake Bay retrievers

    This courageous breed was often used to retrieve birds from icy lakes. These days, they are usually kept as pets.

    13 Cardigan Welsh corgis

    Corgis are intelligent herding dogs. They are extremely adaptable and can be just as happy curled up at home as they are when working on a farm.
    12 Vizslas

    This breed ranks extremely high in obedience, agility, and conformation. They are often used as bomb-sniffing dogs and are always up to the task.

    11 Irish water spaniels

    Did you know that some dogs have webbed feet? This breed does, making them excellent swimmers in addition to being highly intelligent.

    10 Pomeranians

    These tiny dogs have a lot of energy and brains. They have fans everywhere.

    9 Bernese mountain dogs

    This breed is so strong that the dogs were once used to pull carts. While they are no longer needed for the task, they still have their brains to rely on.
    8 Belgian Malinois

    This is an extremely intelligent working dog breed. They are often utilized as police dogs and have even worked alongside Navy SEALs.

    7 Weimaraners

    These intelligent dogs are excellent at tracking. They are also known for their mischievousness and the ability to outsmart their owners when it comes to sneaking extra snacks or escaping.

    6 Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers

    These excellent hunting dogs are great at luring birds towards hunters. They’re also adept at retrieving and anything else they are asked to do.

    5 Cocker spaniels

    These sweet-natured dogs can master a huge number of tricks. Just don’t use them as a guard dog unless you want them to happily welcome the intruders.
    4 Brittany spaniels

    This is an energetic breed of dogs who are always eager to make their owners proud. They are often employed as show dogs and hunting dogs.

    3 Standard schnauzers

    This breed has been used as guard dogs, dispatch carriers, and vermin catchers. They also make excellent family pets.

    2 English cocker spaniels

    This naturally playful breed is exceedingly easy to train. They make perfect assistance dogs for children.

    1 Flat-coated retrievers

    This breed excels in tracking, agility, and obedience. They are loyal and make excellent exercise companions and hunting dogs.