1 Powerful Exercise Hack Every Dog Must Try -->

1 Powerful Exercise Hack Every Dog Must Try

1 Powerful Exercise Hack Every Dog Must Try

    Making sure that your dog is properly exercised is part of being a responsible dog owner. The ideal play or exercise session with your dog should end with your dog being exhausted.

    Even if you travel often, you must ensure that your dog gets their recommended daily exercise allowance. A strong portable dog fence will keep your dog safe and secure and guarantee they get the correct amount of exercise every day, even if you are in a remote location.

    Remember, the more tired a dog is after exercise the better. However, your dog should also have a feeling of success after any exercise or training session with you.

    Doggy sit-ups

    Doggy sit-ups are a good method that creates a sense of accomplishment for both you and your dog, as well as enforcing obedience. They are a great introductory exercise strategy for dogs that are getting into a new exercise routine or senior dogs who need that extra help.

    Remember, It will help if you have a lot of your dog's favorite small treats on hand!

    At first, you may have to give your dog a treat after each part of the exercise but eventually, your goal will be to complete the entire set before a treat is given to your dog.

    Start the exercise session by commanding your dog to sit. Then have your dog lie down, then sit again and then finally stand. This counts as one doggie sit-up.

    The ideal session is to have your dog repeat this sequence for a total of ten times, although at first, you may only be able to get him to cooperate for one or two doggie sit-ups.

    It is ok to start slow and then every few days add an additional turn before he gets his treat until your dog is doing the full ten doggie sit-ups.

    These fun exercises reinforce the basic commands of sit, down and stay. If your dog has yet to learn these commands, you will then have to work on them at the same time.

    Remember though, that trying to learn a new command is tiring in itself to your dog. Modify the number of sit-ups appropriately or you will end up with a very frustrated dog.

    All dogs need to feel that they have made their owners very happy. By allowing your dog to combine these simple commands into his exercise session, your dog will feel that he has accomplished this task and will be all the more eager to do whatever else you have in store for him during this time.

    How much exercise does my dog need?

    Exercise is crucial for all dogs. It helps keep them stay in form and is essential for their mental well-being and mental strength. It's vital that all dogs have at least one form of exercise every day and the simplest example is giving your dog daily walks.

    In 2019, research from our PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) report revealed that thousands of dogs do not get the correct dose of daily exercise.

    Daily exercise for your dog keeps your dog's brain working and engaged, which is essential for stress relief and to release every day tensions. Dogs love adventure so to keep your dog happy (and healthy) you should give them plenty of outdoor activity as often as possible.

    Not getting enough exercise can create fitness difficulties and also some physical problems such as obesity. Furthermore, a lack of physical activity can lead to behavioral problems.

    Consequently, dogs that are agitated, bored or annoyed will be more frustrated, more anxious and cause havoc in the house.

    Remember, It's always important to get regular checkups by your vet to ensure that your dog remains healthy and fit for as long as possible.