6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat -->

6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat

6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat
    6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat

    Our puppies are in great shape when they get back from the groomer. Their coats are glossy and clean, their ears and eyes are brilliant and crust-free and their breath, for once, smells fantastic. Wouldn't it be nice if they could stay that way permanently?

    In some ways, they can. The following tricks and suggestions can help you keep your pup looking her finest in between her dates with the groomer.

    6-Healthy Dog, Healthy Coat 

    6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat

    Maintaining a healthy and shiny coat begins on the within.

    " A high-quality diet plan is the basis for skin and coat health," states Dr. Judy Morgan, a holistic vet.

    Make sure your puppy is eating a balanced diet plan appropriate for her age and activity level. Supplements like omega-3 fish oils and coconut oil can likewise help reduce shedding, dryness and flaking, Morgan says.

    " Egg yolks are another great addition," she adds. "They contain fats and fat-soluble vitamins that feed the skin and coat.

    Calm down when introducing your canine to new foods or components, however, and make certain all supplements are used in small amounts.

    " Prior to making any changes to your pet's diet plan, contact your veterinarian to see if they have any suggestions or warnings," states Dr. Rob Hance, owner of Creekside Pet Care Center in Keller, Texas.

    5-Don’t Forget Exercise 

    6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat

    Routine exercise will keep your puppy, and her coat, in great shape, says Hance.

    " Ensuring your dog remains healthy is key in establishing and keeping a glossy, stunning coat," he says, which includes day-to-day activity and walks.

    Bored with your same-old walk around the block? Consider attempting a brand-new dog-friendly type of exercise together.

    4-Brush, Brush, Brush

    6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat

    Regular brushing assists keep tangles to a minimum, Morgan says. It also assists distribute the body's natural oils throughout the coat.

    She recommends using a wire slicker for longhaired pets and a soft bristled brush for short-coated pups, while Hance advises a rubber brush for canines with actually brief hair.

    He suggests brushing long-haired pet dogs daily, while pet dogs with shorter coats may just need a once-a-week brushing.

    No brush? No problem.

    " Simply cuddling or rubbing with a soft cloth can also help bring out the shine," says Morgan.

    3-Consider Using Oils 

    6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat

    Using topical oils can assist your puppy's coat stay well hydrated in between grooming visits and may likewise help reduce skin inflammations. Hance suggests using an olive, coconut or vitamin E grooming oil created specifically for family pets.

    Morgan includes that coconut oil is especially valuable if your puppy has dry spots or rashes.

    " The lauric acid in the coconut oil helps kill germs and yeast, and the oil is relaxing to any inflamed areas," she says.

    2-Mind the Ears 

    6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat

    Don't disregard the ears throughout your at-home grooming sessions, however do make certain you're using the best products to keep them healthy and sterilized, Morgan says.

    " Water-based cleansing services can leave wetness in the ears, causing yeast or bacterial infections, while alcohol-based solutions can burn, especially if there is an ulcer in the ear canals," she states.

    She advises using an item with a witch hazel base, simply ensure it's particularly created for cleaning pet dogs' ears.

    1-Don’t Over or Under Bathe 

    6 Easy Tips to Take Care Of Your Dog's Coat

    A regular bath can assist your canine's coat stay healthy in between grooming consultations, just make sure you're using the ideal items and not overdoing it.

    " The ASPCA recommends bathing your pet as soon as every three months unless she or he invests a lot of time outside, has skin issues or gets dirty," Hance says. "Be careful not to shower your puppy too often, due to the fact that doing so can strip her coat and skin of necessary oils and wetness.

    If you take your dog in routinely for expert grooming, you'll likely only require to shower her when she gets extra unpleasant, he states.

    When it comes to which products to utilize, constantly use products specifically designed for pets, Hance states.

    " A lot of shampoos, soaps, and conditioners developed for people can aggravate your pet's skin, making her fur look flaky and breakable," he states. And if you have an especially dirty pet, use an oil-based hair shampoo that will not dry the coat, Morgan says. If you find yourself cleaning your pet more than as soon as a week, she also recommends including a conditioner to your bathing routine.